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Irish roots...

Callum Keiran Fitzpatrick

Callum Keiran Fitzpatrick
2 April
Callum Keiran Fitzpatrick is the only son of Keiran Fitzpatrick [dublinbass]. Callums's biological mother walked out and left Keiran to be a single dad when Callum was just two weeks old. When Callum was six months old, Keiran met Beth Anderson [phtgrphcscot] and they started a relationship. On Callum's second birthday, Keiran proposed to Beth, and she ahppily accept. After the couple were married, Beth adopted Callum, and as far as he is concerned, she is his mother in every sense of the word. He never has, or never will, have any interest in knowing his biological mother. The couple had a second child when Callum was eight, a baby girl. She is now ten years old, and Callum would protect her with his life.

He is currently studying photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, to follow in his mom's footsteps.

Callum is future!verse and played for fun solely in p2nyc_nextgen. Anything in Callum's future verse is not binding on anything occuring present day in the princeton2nyc universe. He is written here only for a bit of fun for the muns and definitely considered AU to the present day verse. He is written and constructed here with permission of the muns of dublinbass and phtgrphcscot. I've just given him a voice.

DISCLAIMER: Callum is my creation, so don't pinch. His original concept (and conception) belongs to dublinbass. Not Charlie Hunnam, just borrowing his face to give Callum one.